Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween from St. Mary's!

What a hectic day it was! This week at St. Mary's I worked with the Pre- K students. Not only was I working with these hyper little students, it was Halloween on top of it! Even though it was crazier than usual, I still had a great time. I forgot what it was like to work with such small children. They have the biggest imaginations I have ever seen! Since it was muddy outside my group and the Pre- K students stayed inside for play time. I played house with two or three girls who would come up with the most interesting ideas I have ever heard. One moment I'm eating fruit soup, the next thing I know I'm eating spaghetti off the same plate. It was so much fun to get on their level and play their way. While playing house, I learned to not ask questions. Going with the flow is exactly how you want to approach playing with them.

Out in the gym, the students worked on the skills of an over hand throw and catch. Once again I forgot what it was like to be working with such young students. I found that being patient with the students was the key to being successful. Since the majority of the students haven't worked on the skills that much, I was teaching them the proper way to throw. It's amazing how after many years of throwing it just is a natural movement. For the students the movement was a new idea. I would tell them okay now make a T with you arms! Move your arm to your ear! Now step forward and let go of the ball! It worked for many of the students and they got the basic idea on throwing. I got very excited when a student progressed in their throwing because of my help.

Looking forward to another week at St. Mary's!

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