Friday, October 21, 2011

St. Mary's Lab - Sports!

I can say with confidence that this lab went very smoothly compared to the last one. My group was in charge of the opening games. Personally, I thought teaching my lesson went very well. I had a lot more confidence and trust in myself this time. I had fun teaching this time verses my last lesson where I was uncomfortable. I brought in props to help my game progress, which was a great idea.

After teaching my game, my group and the students went outside to play on the playground. Working with elementary students has reminded me of how big some of the student's imaginations are. I played with a little girl and another girl in my group. This little girl had the biggest imagination ever! She made the girl in my group trapped in a castle, then told me to try and sneak in to see my friend. Next thing you know we are running around the playground with the little girl trying to catch us! It's amazing how one thing can lead to something completely different. Finally, I learned how to play a game called Ninja. Ninja is a game where you try to get the person out next to you by chopping at their hand. The hard part is where ever your "chop" goes you have to leave your hand there and hold it. I had a great time this week at St. Mary's and can't wait to go back !!

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