Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best and Worst Moments In Physical Activity

There are always ups and downs to anyone's life. This is especially true when it comes to sports. One moment you feel like you are on top of the world, then the the next you feel as though you are at the bottom. Winning and losing is what makes us as athletes, and physical educators. Knowing how to win and lose, showing good sportsmanship, and learning from each occasion is what makes us who we are today.

Here are two of my best and worst moments while being an athlete.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bittersweet Ending!

This past Monday was my last week working with students at St. Mary's. It has been nothing but a great experience that I am very grateful for! Being able to work with students for 6 weeks has taught me so much about what it will be like to be a physical educator. This week my group was in charge of special projects. We decorated the gym doors with collages that everyone from PED 201 created saying thank you to St. Mary's.

I was also able to play with some of the students in the gym during a free period of time. I worked with one little boy who was working on punting a soccer ball. He had the basics of the movement needed, but I knew that I could give him a few tips. I noticed that he was curling his toes up when trying to punt the ball. This was causing the ball to go straight up and or behind him. I went next to him and showed him what he should be doing with his foot when trying to kick it. He started to get the hang of it and the ball was starting to go straighter. I have come to find that I get such a great feeling when I can help a student with a specific skill.

My time at St. Mary's taught me a great deal of knowledge. To see what I thought about my overall experiences while at St. Mary's click here!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week at St. Mary's the theme was Thanksgiving. Everyone had great games and activities that went along with the theme. My group was in charge of special projects and the closing activities. During our time my group and I interviewed our peers about why they enjoyed going to St. Mary's and why they chose to major in physical education. Many people responded saying that they really enjoy working with the students of St. Mary's. By being able to teach different games to the students gives a real life experience as to what's to come in the future. Some of my peers even said coming to St. Mary's gives them a good work out! I think this should be the case. I believe that if you aren't sweating and tired by the end of the lesson you weren't as involved as you could have been.

My group was in charge of the closing game, dance, and cheer. I worked with Heather for the dance. The original song was the Turkey Dance, but the song would not play. So we ended up creating a song and singing to it without the music. It was called The Turkey Hokey Pokey. Heather was quick to come up with different parts to put in during the song. Some of the parts used were beaks, claws, and feathers. Everyone had a good time with this original song. I found this to be a perfect example as to always have a back up plan in case your first plan doesn't work!

This week the skills being assessed were stationary bounce and kicking! Click here to see what I observed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween from St. Mary's!

What a hectic day it was! This week at St. Mary's I worked with the Pre- K students. Not only was I working with these hyper little students, it was Halloween on top of it! Even though it was crazier than usual, I still had a great time. I forgot what it was like to work with such small children. They have the biggest imaginations I have ever seen! Since it was muddy outside my group and the Pre- K students stayed inside for play time. I played house with two or three girls who would come up with the most interesting ideas I have ever heard. One moment I'm eating fruit soup, the next thing I know I'm eating spaghetti off the same plate. It was so much fun to get on their level and play their way. While playing house, I learned to not ask questions. Going with the flow is exactly how you want to approach playing with them.

Out in the gym, the students worked on the skills of an over hand throw and catch. Once again I forgot what it was like to be working with such young students. I found that being patient with the students was the key to being successful. Since the majority of the students haven't worked on the skills that much, I was teaching them the proper way to throw. It's amazing how after many years of throwing it just is a natural movement. For the students the movement was a new idea. I would tell them okay now make a T with you arms! Move your arm to your ear! Now step forward and let go of the ball! It worked for many of the students and they got the basic idea on throwing. I got very excited when a student progressed in their throwing because of my help.

Looking forward to another week at St. Mary's!

To see what I found challenging or difficult about teaching this week click here!

Friday, October 21, 2011

St. Mary's Lab - Sports!

I can say with confidence that this lab went very smoothly compared to the last one. My group was in charge of the opening games. Personally, I thought teaching my lesson went very well. I had a lot more confidence and trust in myself this time. I had fun teaching this time verses my last lesson where I was uncomfortable. I brought in props to help my game progress, which was a great idea.

After teaching my game, my group and the students went outside to play on the playground. Working with elementary students has reminded me of how big some of the student's imaginations are. I played with a little girl and another girl in my group. This little girl had the biggest imagination ever! She made the girl in my group trapped in a castle, then told me to try and sneak in to see my friend. Next thing you know we are running around the playground with the little girl trying to catch us! It's amazing how one thing can lead to something completely different. Finally, I learned how to play a game called Ninja. Ninja is a game where you try to get the person out next to you by chopping at their hand. The hard part is where ever your "chop" goes you have to leave your hand there and hold it. I had a great time this week at St. Mary's and can't wait to go back !!

To see what I think about overcoming challenges click here!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lab 2 Friendship

Today was the first day of teaching at St. Mary's. I think for my first time and everyone else it went well. I found it to be a little less intimidating teaching to the kids instead of my peers. I definitely feel more comfortable going into the next lab. I learned from myself and while observing my peers. I know now that it is very important to always know more than one game in case the first doesn't work out. You have to be on your feet at all times!

Also, we observed two students during the opening game. The skills we were observing were, galloping, hopping, and running. To see my assessment sheet click here!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

To dodge ball or not to dodge ball?

Should dodge ball be allowed in physical education class? It is a very opinionated topic with many different view points.
I believe dodge ball should be allowed in a physical education class. Dodge ball is a very good game to play when learning about motor skills. Dodge ball includes running, throwing, and dodging. People come up with the point that it is a very dangerous game, and children shouldn't be used as targets. If you think about it every sport is dangerous. Football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, are all very physical games. All of these games involve either tackling, or a ball flying around the field. I don't see dodge ball as a sport that shouldn't played in school.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fundamental Skills Development

Fundamental skills development and assessment is very important to our profession and the help of our students. Fundamental skills are a set series of basic movements involving a mixture of different body parts. There are three specific skills; stability, loco motor, and manipulative movements.

Stability- Stability is the most important aspect for all loco motor and manipulative skills. This is because all of these skills involve being stable. An example of stability movement is where the body remains in place but moves around on a horizontal or vertical axis. An example of a stability skill would be getting out of the way of an oncoming person.

Loco motor- Loco motor movement skill is a skill in which the body is moved in a horizontal or vertical direction. A few examples of this skill would be; running, jumping, and skipping. Some of these skills can be used in certain sports.

Manipulative movements- Manipulative movements can be either fine motor manipulation or gross motor manipulation. Fine motor skills are activities where one would handle an object. This requires accuracy and precision. A good example of this would be playing darts. Gross motor skills, which are focused on more by physical educators, are such as playing soccer or throwing a ball. Gross motor skills involved giving force to objects, or receiving force from an object.

All of these skills are extremely important to teach to make sure students stay healthy! Regardless if a student wants to play an organized sport or play with their friends, they will need to develop the fundamental skills.


Get healthy!

St. Mary's Motor Development Lab 1

Had a great time at St. Mary's. Can't want to go back!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

St. Mary's

I was unsure about what to expect going to St. Mary's for the first time. Being able to observe at first, then being able to jump in the activities made it easier to see how an average day goes. The children at St. Mary's seemed so excited for us to be there. This made me feel welcomed, and excited to interact with the kids. I learned that it is extremely important to make sure you are on the child's level when speaking to them. This is so they don't feel intimidated by you. Also, learning how to just go along with their own rules while playing with them is key.

I had a great time and am looking forward to going back again!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Learning

Blogging is a new idea for me, but it seems like a great way to interact with other people!

This summer I helped my mom while she was teaching summer school. Although this was not a physical education class, I still feel like I benefited from observing my mom. I could see how she was willing to help specific students if they were struggling more than others. I know I can use this in the physical education setting because I can help a specific student if they are struggling with a certain task.