Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fundamental Skills Development

Fundamental skills development and assessment is very important to our profession and the help of our students. Fundamental skills are a set series of basic movements involving a mixture of different body parts. There are three specific skills; stability, loco motor, and manipulative movements.

Stability- Stability is the most important aspect for all loco motor and manipulative skills. This is because all of these skills involve being stable. An example of stability movement is where the body remains in place but moves around on a horizontal or vertical axis. An example of a stability skill would be getting out of the way of an oncoming person.

Loco motor- Loco motor movement skill is a skill in which the body is moved in a horizontal or vertical direction. A few examples of this skill would be; running, jumping, and skipping. Some of these skills can be used in certain sports.

Manipulative movements- Manipulative movements can be either fine motor manipulation or gross motor manipulation. Fine motor skills are activities where one would handle an object. This requires accuracy and precision. A good example of this would be playing darts. Gross motor skills, which are focused on more by physical educators, are such as playing soccer or throwing a ball. Gross motor skills involved giving force to objects, or receiving force from an object.

All of these skills are extremely important to teach to make sure students stay healthy! Regardless if a student wants to play an organized sport or play with their friends, they will need to develop the fundamental skills.


Get healthy!

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